Twitter Hacked Again by Iranian Cyber Army

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Remember the old saying, history repeats itself? This is exactly what is happening to Twitter now a days.

The popular micro blogging site Twitter has been hacked again.

The site was hacked for about an hour starting from 11.30 PM (Thursday, 17th December 2009) IST to 12.30 AM (Friday, 18th December 2009) IST.

Previously, this year only, Twitter’s Google Apps accounts were hacked which exposed the company’s secret information about management, partners and further plans, actions and steps etc.
Even before the company would have survived this embarrassment, this time, a group of Iranian Hackers named “Iranian Cyber Army”  attacked and knock the website down. What happened was, they redirected Twitter to their own page.
This attack was done to show their anger against the Twitter because of activities on Twitter opposing the election protests.
During the period of hack, displayed the following screen:
(Credit: CC u07ch/Flickr)

Twitter admitted that "our Domain Name Systems' records were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed. The site says it will update with more details once we've investigated more fully."

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