Know your Neta (Electoral Candidate) before Voting…

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If you are reading this, the chances are you are an responsible and conscious citizen of India, looking forward to vote and make a difference to the sinking Indian Political System.
Congratulations! You know that your vote counts, you know that you make a difference. So this election,PLEASE DO VOTE. And before voting, please do remember to make an informed choice. Please DO NOT base your vote on cast or religion.   
Now, the important question:  How do I get details of electoral candidate from my constituency?
Answer: Very easy! The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has provided a way to get information about your candidate.
The information that is provided is:
  • Criminal Records (if Any)
  • Assets & Liabilities (Financial Records)
  • Educational Qualifications
To get this information, you have many options: Choose any one, make yourself comfortable!
  1. Go visit
    • You can search for your Candidate by Name / by Constituency Name / by Pin code.
    • You can also subscribe to their news alerts/ subscription list which will keep you updated regarding latest information and facts
  2. Get information using SMS:
    1. Option 1: SMS MYNETA <constituency name> to 9246556070 or 56070
    2. Option 2: SMS MYNETA <pincode> to 9246556070 or 56070

      * SMS charges: Normal SMS charges applicable on 9246556070 and 56070
  3. Toll Free Helpline:
    • Toll-free No.: 1-800-110-440
    • Day/Hours of operation: Mon-Fri (10am – 6pm)
    • Information given: Criminal records, Assets, Liabilities and Education Qualifications.
    • Source of Information: Candidate information given in affidavits.
    • Initially the information based on earlier affidavits only will be provided. New information based on current affidavits will also be provided as and when it becomes available (usually about 7-8 days before the election dates).
  4. Android App (Free):
    • Myneta Disseminator: is the android app provided by Webrosoft for
    • Myneta Disseminator - screenshot thumbnail Myneta Disseminator - screenshot thumbnail Myneta Disseminator - screenshot thumbnail  (Image courtesy : Google Play Store and Original Developer)
  5. ADR-Facebook Initiative (*325*35#) (Free Service):
    • For all those whose mobile operators provide access to facebook using ussd service, you can dial *325*35#
    • (image courtesy:

In case, you are wandering about the authenticity of the information, read the Disclaimer at the site:
Disclaimer: The primary source for the data used for these reports is the sworn affidavits provided by the candidates themselves. Sheer volume of data that has to be read from the affidavits that are often poorly scanned and the lightening speed at which these reports have to be brought out makes it quite difficult to ensure accuracy of every bit of data. In case of any discrepancy in our reports vis a vis the original affidavit of any candidate, the original affidavit should be considered accurate. If you notice any discrepancies between affidavit and our report kindly let us know and we will fix them on our end as soon as possible.
So now, go ahead, get informed, make a choice, make a difference, use your biggest power in the democracy. Elect your representative. Do vote, do vote for good.
Happy voting!!! 


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