Microsoft Sued over Bing!

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A small multimedia design company named Bing! Information Design has sued Microsoft for using Bing! as it’s search engine name.

According to the Simon Law Firm (St. Louis), which is representing the firm, the company has been using the name Bing! since year 2000 and has applications pending to register the trademark, while Microsoft launched Bing! in 2009.

Bing! Information Design claims that that new name of the search engine causes confusion and dilutes the value of its trademark. The company also says that the software giant Microsoft was aware of its trademark rights to the word “Bing”

The lawsuit seeks actual and punitive damages, including having Microsoft pay for corrective advertising to remedy the confusion it caused. And an legal order from the court to prevent Microsoft from using the name “Bing”

Here’s what Microsoft said:
Spokesman for Microsoft, Kevin Kutz, said Microsoft has not received any complaint but was aware of the lawsuit by media reports. According to his statement “We believe this suit to be without merit and we do not believe there is any confusion in the marketplace with regard to the complainant’s offerings and Microsoft’s Bing. We respect trademarks and other people’s intellectual property, and look forward to the next steps in the judicial process.”

Anyhow, Microsoft was later allowed to keep using the word “Bing” during the legal proceedings.


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