Control your PC with your Mobile

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Do you want to control your Windows based PC with your Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone?
MobileWitch introduces MobileWitch Remote Control.

This is a free software which enables you to control your PC or Laptop with your mobile wirelessly.

The software, currently supports these functionalities:

  1. Mouse Mode : To control mouse movement of your PC
  2. Keyboard Mode : Used to press keys
    1. Up, Down, Left, Right
    2. Space Bar 
    3. Backspace
  3. Application Mode : Used to control
    1. Windows Explorer
    2. Firefox
    3. Windows Media Player
    4. Internet explorer
    5. Winamp
    6. Powerpoint and folders etc.
  4. Utilities : Used for
    1. sending a run command
    2. Sending  a Message to the computer

     mobilewitch-bluetooth-remote-control_02 mobilewitch-bluetooth-remote-control_03

mobilewitch-bluetooth-remote-control_04 mobilewitch-bluetooth-remote-control_05

The MW Remote Control requires two installations.
1. Server Installation on PC which is to be controlled.
2. Client Software for Mobile.

The client software for mobile is J2ME installation and operated on JAVA platform. Means, you can use it, if your mobile supports JAVA and has Bluetooth.mwPC
When you install and start the PC server, it with sit in the Task Area and wait for connection until any mobile client connects to it.
Also, the PC side software requires the JAVA environment for its operation.

Download MobileWitch Remote Control Here

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